Reform Illinois Property Taxes!!
Join the fight for Illinois Property Tax Reform
Are your property taxes too high?
It’s time to do something about it!
For the past year, I have been walking around the IL 50th House District, talking to homeowners and business people, and what they all told me was: We need property tax relief.
Here’s my proposal: Get rid of our current income tax. Move education funding off of our property taxes and put it onto a new, progressive income tax. This will lower our property taxes by 60 to 70%. The graduated tax will place the burden on people who have the income to pay it. FYI - Retirement income is not taxed in Illinois.
My plan will Help seniors, people on fixed incomes, people struggling to make ends meet, stay in their homes instead of leaving Illinois. A 2013 Gallup Poll reports 50% of Illinois residents went to leave the state. Spur Economic Development by making homes, office space, and industrial property more affordable. Illinois’ property tax rates are the second highest in the nation, right after New Jersey- Urban Institute
What would you do with an additional $4,000- $7,000 a year?
Illinois' flat income tax places it in the 'Terrible Ten'
Illinois is one of the ten most regressive states in the country, according to the nonprofit, nonpartisan Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy. A state is regressive if it requires the poor to pay a greater share of their income in taxes than the rich. In Illinois, the state’s poorest residents—those in the bottom 20 percent of the income scale—pay almost three times as much of their earnings in taxes as the top one percent do. (read more)
Illinois has one of most unfair tax systems, study shows
The next time you complain about taxes in Illinois, take some comfort in knowing your complaining is justified — at least according to a new report on the fairness of tax systems across the U.S. (read more)
Here's some information on retirement income that isn't